Company Liquidation

Company Liquidation and License Cancellation in UAE

Are all usual rigmaroles and high costs associated with the liquidation of your business excruciatingly cumbersome to bear?
Do you want to close down your business in a trouble-free manner?

All your painful queries regarding the liquidation of businesses in Dubai are answered here at AZAN Corporate Services, we can help you shut down your business without worrying too much about your liabilities and financial losses draining you out monetarily. Armed with a team of highly professional individuals, we at AZAN Corporate Services strive to give you the best possible professional guidelines for reducing your legal costs and financial fatalities accruing from the cancellation of license in Dubai. Our professional expertise and insights would let you sit calmly through the liquidation process while we liaison and coordinate with concerned authorities to ensure an unobtrusive closing down of your business.

There are many things to be taken into consideration before closing down a business such as cancellation of the business name, accrued salaries of employees, cancellation of taxation registrations and other associated legal requirements.

We always give our best suggestions to those who wish to liquidate their businesses. Including weighing up all your available options before deciding to wind up the business operations.

We offer consultancy services on liquidation, statutory liquidation, or deregistering the business. We inform our clients and give them complete guidance about the legal and financial ramifications associated with each option. If the company is interested in selling off the business to a third party, we also help in finding the right buyer.

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the different phases of liquidation

At AZAN Corporate Services, we believe, it is our utmost responsibility to make you understand all the different phases of liquidation, such as.

Liquidation of a business often involves annoyingly nerve-racking processes. Thus, AZAN Corporate Services advises you to hire its specialist advisors who can give you all the information and help you need to close down your business with ease. Feel free to contact us.

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