Dubai Media City

Dubai Media City Free Zone (DMC)

Among the most different of things that the UAE has, Dubai Media City is one of them.

The free zone was established in 2001 with the aim of helping all sectors of the media industry to grow and become successful in the UAE. The Dubai free zone provides just the right environment and world class equipment that complements the goals that are being pursued through the encouragement of media and its branches.

The free zone has been able to pull a huge number of companies towards itself. A figure of more than 2000 media companies is said to be involved in relevant business activities in the Dubai Media City today, thereby expanding the range of products being provided by the free zone. The provisions of the media city free zone have been successful at attracting big names like CNN and Sony.

Strong foundation for Successful Future

Why Dubai Media City Free Zone to start business in Dubai

Any business setup in Dubai free zones has to the opportunity to take advantage of all the incentives that the authorities and the environment of the free zone has provided. Whether it is tax incentives or the world class equipment and facilities, businesses will be able to enjoy high quality production through the resources that are made available for them in the free zone. Media startups do not only have the resources to use but also the experience of all the other firms that are operating in close proximity within the boundaries of the free zone. As an industry expands in a certain area, knowledge spills and allows firms to take advantage to gain economies and efficiency.

Some features make Dubai Media City investor friendly:

Benefits for business in DMC


A business setup in Dubai Media City can enjoy all the incentives that the authorities has provided to companies formed within the free zone, without any questioning. A list of facilities provided to businesses can be seen below:

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