Intro with Why (Shams) Sharjah Media City

Free zones in the UAE have been the highlight of the corporate sector in the UAE.

These zones that have played a major part in encouraging investors to come and setup businesses in the UAE. The policies and rules implemented by the government through these zones were investor friendly and investors realized the profitability of the zones, keeping in mind the development of the UAE as the business hub not only for the Middle East, but also for the areas around it.

One of the zones that have attracted a lot of attention from investors and entrepreneurs is the Sharjah Media City, which is also known as the Shams Free Zone. Although the name suggests the purpose of the free zone that is to encourage the media businesses, other businesses that can fit in the zone are also at a huge advantage with the policies drawn for all businesses in this particular zone.

Some of the advantages are such that no other free zone in the UAE is providing them. The Media City aims to give a boost to the media sector in the UAE.

free zone offer

No N.O.C required

The UAE government does not require business owners to obtain a No Objection Certificate from the local sponsor’s setup their business operations in the Sharjah Media City if you have a UAE residence visa. The relaxation has been provided in order to reduce the friction that businesses face due to documentation.

Investor and Partner visas

Even though the shareholders are not required to be present in the UAE physically. To setup a new company in Shams free zone, visa allocations to a maximum of 6 people on desk sharing facility is allowed according to the law. The investor and partners visas can be applied for easily for your company and these visas are valid for up to 3 years. Furthermore, renting costly offices to allow visa allocation to staff of the company is not required. This is something that other free zones do not offer.

100% repatriation of capital and profit

There is absolutely no requirement for businessmen to share their profits with anyone if they have setup their businesses in the Shams Free Zone. All the profit goes to the owners and no tax, whether corporate or on personal income, is applied on the profits earned by the business.

Company documentation duration

One of the advantages of setting up a company in the Sharjah Media City is that the documentation process for company formation is extremely quick and efficient. Complete documentation for companies being setup in this free zone is issued within a few days of the submission of application as the process is fairly simple.

Strong foundation for Successful Future

More Advantages to Setup a Company in SHAMS

The Sharjah Media City has a lot to offer to those who are willing to take advantage of the opportunities that are there for the taking.

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