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Are you looking to set up a new company in the UAE?


With us, your company foundation shall flourish. We are fully facilitated; with the right awareness, tools and rules/regulations, needed to setup your business in UAE with the correct procedures for your business.

Down Town, Dubai

Main Land

The first choice for business of every investor. The reason behind the popularity of the mainland is the freedom to do business anywhere in the UAE.

Dubai Free Zone

Free Zone

Attractive freehold authority investors who want to have 100% ownership of their businesses. The idea of a “Free Zone” has been established internationally as a model to develop and promote business in many countries.

Offshore Work on Beach


Commonly known as IBC (International Business Company) or a Non-Resident Company, which is a legal structure that provides a low or No-Tax environment for an organization or individual to turn minimal tax burdens and improves wealth.



The UAE serves as a pivotal hub for global investors in the Gulf Region. With advancing technology and supportive governance, starting a business there is now more accessible than before. Dubai, particularly, offers streamlined registration processes, achievable within days with minimal effort. Unity Partners provides expert guidance for selecting the most suitable company license, ensuring entrepreneurs have the necessary information for their specific requirements.


The United Arab Emirates’ rapidly developing and well-regulated bank system is a significant contributor to the country’s economic and financial stability. Furthermore the banking business in the UAE is well-known for its unwavering adherence to the finest quality and service and contemporary banking regulations. Through Unity Partners, you will be guided through the processes of setting up your preferred bank account, best suited to your business goals.
Good service cooperation, Consultation of Businesswoman and Male lawyer or judge counselor having team meeting with client, Law and Legal services concept.


Outsourcing litigation offers efficient resolution for businesses navigating complex legal issues amid regulatory constraints and evolving industry standards. Unity Partners provides comprehensive legal advisory services in the UAE, aiding companies across various sectors in managing client operations, market positioning, and compliance with evolving laws. Our expertise ensures tailored solutions to diverse legal challenges, enhancing organizational resilience and growth.


Unity Partners can also provide you with Business Center services to help you in your company formation processes. We offer physical locations consisting of interim office spaces and specialized co-working spaces containing your own workstations and area, as well as printers, networking devices, and other amenities. Our business services include a well-trained team that takes care of the commercial space. You’ll have a front desk secretary who will take your calls and send your visitors to their respective areas, ensuring that your business activities can be conducted easily and conveniently.


Even skilled entrepreneurs are challenged in today’s complicated environment to remain relevant, manage their assets, and adapt to rapid evolving circumstances. For individuals who want to avoid having to continually manage their asset allocation and portfolios, Unity Partners can help you with ease in these processes. We deliver clients with a premium, comprehensive, and professional solution for corporate asset maintenance and management needs via our Asset Management services.


Commercial visas aid in the ease of cross-border trade. These visas are generally only valid for a certain amount of time and allow visa holders to do commerce in the nations they enter. Dubai welcomes and nurtures trade agreements by crafting a one-of-a-kind investment-driven visa scheme that allows investors to lawfully remain in the UAE and establish a secure destiny for their relatives and enterprises. We, at Unity Partners, deliver numerous sorts of visa services tailored to your corporation needs in addition to business establishment services in Dubai.

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